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Trash Pick-Up

Trash Collection Day is Monday unless there is a Holiday on Monday, in which case Trash Collection Day will be Tuesday.

Trash must be properly bagged and deposited into the Bear Proof Containers assigned to each Unit and secured with the clasp to keep animals out to avoid violations and fines.

If you have excess trash, you should bring it to the Maintenance Yard and place it directly in the Garbage Truck or you can call the Association Office during regular business hours any day of the week and we will pick it up.

There is no need to separate your recyclables. South Tahoe Refuse hand sorts all materials they receive.

There is a green hazardous waste container located in the maintenance yard. Please follow the restrictions on the container.

Construction debris is not to be disposed of in the Bear Proof Containers or the Maintenance Yard. Please inquire in the Association Office if you have appliances, equipment or other material that you need hauled to the dump. We will estimate the fees and invoice you accordingly.