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Forms and Documents
Architectural Application
If you are in doubt whether or not you need to submit an Architectural Application, please read the second page of the application or contact the office.  We will be glad to help! We can also provide you with Association Architectural Standards & Policies for any project you have in mind.  We have some samples of colors and materials in the Office.  For more information, see this page: Architectural Committee

PDF icon ArchitecturalApplication.pdf     Word icon ArchitecturalApplication.doc

Bi-Annual Yard Sale Flyer
Please notify the LVHOA Office if you would like to participate.
(It is mandatory to sign up to participate.)

Board Nominee Form and Candidacy Disclosure Statement

Also, for your reference, see the Common-Interest Ownership (Uniform Act),
Nevada Revised Statutes:  NRS-116     NRS-116.31034     NRS-116.212

PDF icon Candidacy Disclosure Statement.pdf     Word icon Candidacy Disclosure Statement.doc

Guest Information Form
Also see this page: Living & Renting Here

PDF icon Short Term Guest Information.pdf     Word icon Short Term Guest Information.doc

Long Term Rental Security Information Form

PDF icon Long Term Rental Security Information.pdf     Word icon Long Term Rental Security Information.doc

Residential Unit Checklist

Please take the proper steps to winterize your unit.  This Unit Checklist has been modified to include a couple of tasks that were brought to our attention by our insurance company in the last year or two.

Please return your completed Unit Checklist no later than October 31st.  You can also fax the completed form back to 775-588-7590 or as an attachment to an email to:

Rules and Regulations handout
Please provide the Rules and Regulations handout to tenants, guests, relatives, rental agencies, service providers, etc.  Also see this page: Association Rules

PDF icon 2015-09-11 Policy L31 Rules and Regulations.pdf     Word icon 2015-09-11 Policy L31 Rules and Regulations.doc

Security Sheet - Owner
This form is used to update security and contact information.  Please provide us with your updated contact telephone numbers, emergency contact, etc.

PDF icon Security Sheet--Owner.pdf     Word icon Security Sheet--Owner.doc

Snow Removal Procedure

Please provide the snow removal procedure to anyone who may be unfamiliar with it, i.e. tenants, guests, relatives, rental agencies, service providers, etc.  For more information, see this page: Snow Removal

PDF icon Snow Removal Procedure 9-2010.pdf     Word icon Snow Removal Procedure 9-2010.doc