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Lake Village Homeowners - Committees and other support personnel
Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees of Lake Village are reconstituted following the election of each new Board of Directors at the Annual Members Meeting.  In many cases new committee Chairpersons are named, and new members are added.  Here is the status of the committees as of July, 2017.

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  Committee Name Chairperson(s) Members
Architectural house clipart Architectural Linda Jensen be determined
CC and Rs clipart CC and Rs Owen T. Carter
Bob Drabant be determined
Finance committee piggy bank clipart Finance Bruce Jorgensen be determined
Insurance files clipart Insurance Bruce Jorgensen
Tim Lahey be determined
Lgal committee scales clipart Legal Owen T. Carter be determined
Lake Village logo Long Range Planning TBD... be determined
Nominating clipart Nominating Bruce Jorgensen be determined
Personnel committee clipart Personnel Bruce Jorgensen be determined
Social committee balloons clipart Social Diane Lusich be determined
Website design team clipart Website (Ad-Hoc) be determined

Ombudsman:  John Petts
The Association Ombudsman is a member of the Association appointed to implement the initial stages of the Dispute Resolution Process. The Ombudsman will attempt to mediate disputes between the Association and an individual Homeowner, or between two or more Homeowners. This process will precede any referral to formal outside Mediation or Arbitration.

Parliamentarian:  TBD
The Association Parliamentarian is an appointed Member familiar with “Roberts Rules of Order” who will advise the Board on proper conduct of meetings in a fashion consistent with the above rules.